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Hey bestie, I’m Yana Mei! I'm on the spectrum, non-binary (she/they), and I come from a multi-cultural background that colors my life in fantastic ways.


My main goal is to give you a look that matches who you feel you authentically are. My chair is a safe space and when you’re in it I strive to ooze a little bit of positivity, love, spookiness, and authenticity into you!


While I am newer to the floor I like to think of myself as a versatile stylist who leans more towards bold, artistic, mystical and edgy looks! My specialties include curly hair care, glitter extensions and nail & lash extensions.


When I'm not working at the salon you can catch me painting, going on hikes, bingeing awful reality tv, at a rave, hoop dancing to my favorite songs, or doing my own gel nails amongst uncountable other hobbies of mine!! Mostly though, you’ll find me at home snuggling (or terrorizing from their perspective LOL) one of my three cats, or, being the best damn MILF out there. I also have a freshwater fish tank, a 20 year old turtle, and a jumping spider terrarium if you’re into that!

Come sit in my chair and hang out with me! We can talk about the newest true crime show, awful reality tv, what's going on in the marvel cinematic universe, or even have a quiet appointment.

Let’s Work Together

2801 Huntingdon Ave

Baltimore, MD 21211

Tel: 410-646-8115

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