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Welcome Wavy's, Curly's and Coily's <3

 I'm glad you found me! Below is a breakdown of exactly what happens during a Curl Detox & Rehab with me in salon. I can't wait to work with you to create the hair of

your dreams!



This is the most important part of the process!


First we will do an in depth consultation where we will talk about your lifestyle, your current haircare routine, goals for your hair, and current products you are using. I will evaluate the fabric of your hair and create a personalized plan of action for your haircare based off of your lifestyles and goals! Here is where I discuss realistic and honest timeframes of what it will take to transition your hair from where it is to where you want it to be.

This is where I decide if I will cut your hair before or after the detox & rehab. All cuts are performed dry.


After we create a plan we put it into action! We'll head to the shampoo bowl where I'll begin the detox process. This process rids your hair of any product build up and minerals. I'll walk you through my process step by step as I detox and moisturize your hair, and educate you on how to carry this all over into a routine at home.



Next we'll style your hair using a cocktail of products chosen based on your lifestyle. I'll breakdown the products I'm using and why I'm using it while I define each curl by hand! You'll sit under the dryer and have your choice of beverage or snack. I'll create a personalized list of products for you that can use in your at home haircare routine.

bomb  cut

We'll finish with a cut on dry hair tailored to your specific vision! At the end of your appointment we'll discuss maintenance and review your at home plan. 

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