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HAIR Services

Providing Everything You Need

Color Services

Color Services are priced HOURLY starting at $80/hr

*Must DM to book longer than 6 hours*

Maintenance   2-2.5 HOURS


This is for you if:

-You are an existing guest who wants to keep and refresh your current color & it's been less than 2 months since your last appointment

-You want a single process all over color

Maintenance: 5-8 weeks.


Refresh   3-3.5 HOURS


This Is for you if:

-You are wanting to refresh your color but it has been more than 2 months since your last service.

-You want a noticeable difference in your color or it is your first time coloring your hair.

-You only want a face frame highlight "money piece" 

Maintenance: 9-15 weeks.


Total Transformation   4-5* HOURS


This Is for you if:

-You are wanting to see a major transformation in your hair color.

- It has been six months or longer since you last lightened It.

-You have never had your hair lightened before.

Maintenance: Greatly varies.

*Book 5 hours If you have ever been told you have A LOT of hair.*

Fantasy Color & Color Corrections   5-6 HOURS


This is for you if:

-You want a vivid, fantasy color, or rainbow hair.

-Your consultation determined a correction on previously colored hair.

*This service will Include lightening.*

Maintenance: Greatly varies.

Product Fee   $40

curly color
hair dryer

Treatments & Styles

Treatment + Style  $80

treatments include a blowout or diffused style!

K18 masque add-on with service  $12

Goldwell Bond Pro masque add-on with service $10

Blowout $55

includes shampoo

Silk Press & Blowout $120

includes shampoo


Wash n Go $80

Shampoo, deep condition and style for naturally curly hair.

Curly Cut - Full Experience $150

Encouraged to book this if you are a first time curl client. Includes thorough detox of curly hair, conditioning treatment, curly style, and curly cut.

Curly Cut - $80

Dry cut on curly hair

curly hair cut
curly braidless sew in extensions


Tape-in, I-tip, K-tip, Braidless Sew-in $250+


Fairy Hair Glitterlites $40+

Glitter strand extensions tied to an individual strand of hair

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